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We're transforming the perception of "brand" - from fancy typography and pretty color palettes to a holistic business strategy that not only encapsulates your business's core identity, but also serves as a magnetic force that attracts your target market and propels business growth.





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Truth is this:

The market is getting BUSIER than ever!

There's no better time than NOW
to tighten up your brand and dial in your marketing.

Because if your brand & marketing aren't aligned and holding up in the market, brace yourself for a bumpy ride ahead.


but you won't get there
cutting corners.

let's build this together.

Unlock your Brand Potential

Sprout up the hidden prowess within your brand and get your market (...and competition) turning heads

Supercharge your Marketing

Rev up your marketing plan with strategies & tactics that resonate with your customers while reflecting your brand identity

Accelerate Your Growth

Branding & marketing done right should act like your 24/7 sidekick. It keeps your business moving, regardless if you’re at the helm or savoring some well-deserved R&R.

here's my 3-step process

1. Nail your brand identity

Let’s begin by tuning in and tuning up your business’s unique narrative, voice, design and position in the market.

Brand Sample.png

2. Craft your 
marketing playbook

Then, let’s map out your marketing plan with tactics tightly aligned to your brand identity.

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3. Level up your brand + marketing to grow & scale your business

Finally, we train you to be in the driver seat - handing over the design assets, core messaging, frameworks, strategy & tactics to IMPLEMENT and drive it home.

Branding Mockup

Before embarking on the voyage of trend-driven marketing, drop anchor with a solid brand foundation that illuminates your story, your values, your purpose, and your position in the market.

"She Goes Over

and Above"

We hired Dani to rebuild our website and put together a marketing strategy for us this year. Throughout the process, she has gone over & above. Her knowledge & expertise in marketing has been a tremendous resource that we will use for years to come.

Patrick M., President

Small Business Owner

"She Gets Results"

Dani's checks all the boxes. She's organized, on time, great personality, super responsive. That said, the main reason we work with Dani is she knows her stuff. She gets results!

Colene, Founder & CEO

Small Business Owner

"Secured $1.2M

in Revenue"

Dani's masterful blend of branding, strategic marketing and copywriting transformed my division's new business proposal, directly leading to $1.2M in new revenue so far. It's been a game changer and I can't recommend her service highly enough!

Zachary, Director
Midmarket Business

"Exceptional understanding of marketing"

Dani's comprehensive understanding of every single aspect of marketing was exceptional. Her suggestions were constructive and she has given us a plan that we get to work on immediately.

Wanda, Founder & CEO

Small Business Owner

let's build a brand & marketing plan
that turns heads and positions you for growth


Hi, I'm Dani!

brand and marketing strategist for
small businesses

Azelie Marketing is a boutique branding & marketing firm and design resource for visionary entrepreneurs like you. Not a one-size-fits-all operation: we’re squarely focused on serving the small business with the big dreams who wants to scale their operations for sustainable, impactful growth.


In short, I’ll help you unlock the full potential of your brand, align your marketing with your brand identity, and position you for growth - so you can lean into your working genius and continue scripting your small business journey.

hope to meet you soon!

Untitled design - 2022-12-10T143554.212.png

azelie studio

let's get to work.


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marketing services

When you’re in the day-to-day, it can be hard to see the full picture - consider outside help for branding and marketing needs (think brand design, story, strategy, messaging, marketing plans, etc.)

Build Your Marketing Plan

Level up your marketing with this step-by-step course that guides you through the process of building a complete marketing plan for your business.



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New Content Strategy Playbook
(with AI Prompts)

Your guide to building a content strategy with AI prompts to help you build it, all inside this content strategy playbook.

Master Storytelling in Your Marketing

Over the past six months I've incorporated more stories into my work. The outcome? An uptick in engagement, subscribers, speaking engagements, and new business.

How to use AI as your Personal Content Consultant & Creative Second Opinion

Now, we have access to an AI coach. (For free!) Not to relinquish your voice or creativity, but instead to leverage the mountains of data it rests on to help assess and improve your work.

your brand?

Let's hop on a call. I'd love to learn more about your business, the goals and vision you have, and discuss how we can help take you there.



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