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AM #OO6: Write Better Stories for Your Brand with the Story Circle Model

Write Better Stories for Your Brand With the Story Circle Model

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.” - Steve Jobs

In today's issue, I want to share with you a simple storytelling model I use to help me write better stories for brands.

Story, to me, is the heartbeat of the brand.

When executed effectively, story can:

  • Engage your audience

  • Build a stronger brand identity

  • Create a more authentic experience

  • Increase customer loyalty & retention

  • Motivate others to share and promote

  • Establish a deeper emotional connection

And while all of this can "justify" its marketing function - the greater purpose for me is this:

Stories make working for and with your brand more meaningful.

They make your customers, your employees, your partners, and your community FEEL something and perhaps want to be part of something.

From global brands like Apple and Nike to smaller brands like the local family restaurant, the hardware store downtown, or the main street insurance agency - regardless of size and "status" all brands have powerful stories to share.

  • Stories from their founders

  • Stories from their customers

  • Stories from their employees

  • Stories from their communities

It's just a matter of documenting & publishing them for the world to experience and feel.

While there are quite a few story frameworks out there, one I find myself turning to often is from screenwriter and creator, Dan Harmon.

He calls it the 8-step Story Circle.

Here it is:

  1. YOU - the character is in a zone of comfort. ​

  2. NEED - But they have a need or desire for something greater. ​

  3. GO - So they leave their comfortable, familiar space and enter unfamiliar territory, on a quest to fulfill their need. ​

  4. SEARCH - Then, they must adapt to an unfamiliar space. The journey feels harder than they anticipated, but they keep pushing forward - because the "need" is worth it. ​

  5. FIND - They find what they want, and experience a moment of victory - but the chase isn't over yet. ​

  6. TAKE - Though they're in a position to achieve their need or desire, nothing comes without sacrifice. ​

  7. RETURN - They return to where they started, but this time with new knowledge, skills, tools, etc. they found along the way. ​

  8. CHANGE - And they've changed, for all the world to see. Here, they reveal all that's been gained or lost along the way.


A simple, 8-step story model to help you create and publish better stories for your brand:

  1. You

  2. Need

  3. Go

  4. Search

  5. Find

  6. Take

  7. Return

  8. Change

Want to give it a shot?

Jot down a few story ideas.


  • Customer stories

  • Founder stories

  • Employee stories

  • Community stories

Use this model as a starting point. A first draft, if you will.

Then, make it your own and share it for all to experience and feel.

Invite us in. Take us on a journey.

See ya next week!


P.S. Just finished reading "Where the Crawdads Sing" - and you all could've warned me about that ending! 😭

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