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AM #004: Content Studio: Ultimate System for Creating + Shipping Your Content [with Tempate]

Updated: Feb 14

To my creatives: This is for you.

I, too, am a creative at heart.

I spent 22+ years immersed in dance & the arts, spending my days in the studio refining my technique and getting lost in movement and choreography.

After a career-ending injury, I transitioned into corporate.

→ The music was now meetings.

→ The studio was now the office.

→ The dancers were now coworkers.

→ The costume was now blazers & heels.

→ The performance was now sales pitches.

It took me years to adjust.

Still room for the creative, but a little more "buttoned-up"

• More order

• More process

• More structure

• More system

6+ years later into my marketing work, I've finally landed on a creative process & system that allows me to respect yet stretch the boundaries a bit:

Strategic AND Experimental

Structured AND Imaginative

Systematic AND Expressive

Focused AND Explorative

Clear AND Creative

AND, unlike any artist I know, I've got the entire thing documented. :)

I call it, my Content Studio.

A digital space where I turn to when creating content for ads, copy, blogs, campaigns, social posts, newsletters, and more.

Here's a sneak peek:

Content Studio Template

Here's the content studio breakdown, divided into 3 sections:

1. Strategy

The strategy section keeps me in line.

It gives me a high-level overview of my content plan and keeps me laser-focused.

In this section, I include:

• Content strategy canvas

• Weekly content schedule

• Pillars or topics to focus on

This section creates my boundaries


Fluid & flexible, but there to help me from falling into "random-acts-of-creating".

2. Ideate & Create

This section is where I hang out day-to-day.

It guides me through the entire content creation process.

In this section, I include:

• A list of running ideas/topics to refer to

• Hook templates to help with content lead-ins

• A process & system for creating content

• My exact content calendar where I manage & build content

This section keeps me moving from idea → execution.

3. Tools & Links

This section is my content toolbox.

It makes all my tech, tools, frameworks, and inspiration easily accessible.

In this section, I include:

• Links to my content tech stack

• SWIPE folder w/ links to inspirational sites

• Frameworks I refer to when creating content or copy

• List of links to creator profiles I follow & learn from

This gives me a space to access the necessities and also spark inspiration.

So, if you're like me, looking to add a little more structure & system to your content creation process, feel free to use mine as a starting point.

→ Here's a link to a templated version of my content studio.

You can duplicate this inside Notion and make it your own.

Or, if you're not using Notion - you can create something similar using tools you're familiar with (Google Drive, Asana, Airtable, etc.)

Well, that's all for today.

Back to the studio. 💃🏼

Whenever you’re ready, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  1. Looking for more marketing tips? I share my marketing learnings & lessons on LinkedIn. Follow along here.

  2. Want help with your content strategy and system? Duplicate my content studio here, and make it your own.

  3. Need help building a marketing plan for your business? Book a strategy call here

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