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AM #027: The Three Pillars of Business Growth Strategy: Your Ultimate Guide

There I was again…

Another Zoom call, another ambitious small business owner looking back at me.

Our inaugural chat.

Across the screen -

A face etched with stress, yet defiant in spirit.

A voice tinged with a hint of urgency, with a tangible note of frustration.

Today’s burning topic: GROWTH.

“We’re treading water. We’re stuck. We’re not growing.”

A refrain I’ve heard time and time again, spinning like a record stuck on replay.

Growth. The elusive beast.

The Rubik’s cube of the business world that’s got everyone twisted.

But here’s the tea:

Growth ≠ rocket science

We’re not plotting asteroids.

We’re not decoding cryptic ciphers here.

Just good old-fashioned business.

(With plenty of great examples around us)

So, let’s ditch the jargon today.

Let’s scrap the strategies spun like spider webs.

Let’s forego the shiny new tactics.

...and let’s get down to the basics of business.

For me, growth boils down to three simple things:

  1. Draw in new customers

  2. Nurture them longer

  3. Get ‘em to spend a little more

I call it the “Three Bucket Approach” - a business growth strategy.

Let’s unpack each one.

Bucket 1: Get new customers

Your first hello matters.

Your initial interaction with potential customers can set the tone for a lasting relationship.

Here’s your toolkit:

  1. Website: Your digital HQ. Aim for intuitive design, clear messaging, compelling call-to-actions, solid SEO, and an all-around impressive user experience.

  2. Social Media: Show up and shine where your customers hang out. We’re talking organic content, targeted paid media, and authentic engagement.

  3. Referrals: Your low-hanging fruit. Always deliver a killer experience, and naturally your customers will spread the word. To double down, consider asking them for referrals and even incentivizing them to keep that referral train going.

  4. Partnerships: Join forces with like-minded businesses. Cross-promotion broadens your reach, and theirs too. It’s a win-win.

Bucket 2: Nurture them longer

You’ve opened the door, now invite them to stay.

Craft experiences that make your customers feel seen, heard, and cherished.

Here’s the playbook:

  1. Email Newsletters: Regular yet engaging touchpoints loaded with value, and a constant reminder that you’re there for them.

  2. Loyalty Programs: A big “THANK YOU” for sticking around. Think exclusive perks, discounts, sneak peeks at product launches, etc.

  3. Customer Experience: Serve up a stellar customer experience.

  4. Content Marketing: Keep the anticipation alive with a steady stream of valuable, engaging content.

Bucket 3: Get customers to spend a little more

Disclaimer, though: The goal isn’t to smother your customers with options.

This is about highlighting options that add value for them, and accelerate growth.

Here’s the game plan:

  1. Upselling: Show off the glossy, feature-rich version of your product. Give ‘em the option to level up.

  2. Cross-selling: Suggest items that complement their purchase. Add to their experience and your bottom line.

  3. Bundling: Group together products that make sense. Package irresistible deals.

  4. Premium Services: For your super fans, roll out the red carpet with an exclusive, premier tier of your product or service.

So there it is.

Our once-intimidating beast of growth tamed into a simple, doable game plan.

Ready for a mini-challenge?

  • Look at your business with fresh eyes

  • Spot the bucket crying out for your attention

  • Pick one tactic from that bucket and put it into play this week.


Growth isn’t about wrestling with a Rubik’s cube, fumbling over each twist and turn.

Nah, it’s simpler than that.

Let’s look at it as a three-step dance - attract, nurture, and amplify.

We’ve all got that rhythm in us. 💃

Here’s to a successful start to Q3.

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