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AM #005: Short-Form Vertical Video: The Future of Marketing

Updated: Feb 14

“I don’t Google anymore I TikTok” - Elfried Samba

Short-form, vertical video is taking the marketing world by storm.

What was once a keyword-stuffed, 1800-word blog post fighting for a 1st-page spot on Google, is now shifting to a 7-15 second video with trending audio via a quick search on TikTok.

Some say it’s a “Gen Z” thing…

But then suddenly find themselves saving recipes and outfit ideas on IG reels (who, me?) or TikToking how to fix the flusher on their toilet. (not me… a friend & subscriber here who shall remain nameless 😉)

With short-form vertical video being a top marketing tactic for 2023, it’s certainly an area I’m paying attention to.

Today, let’s dive into the top 5 ways brands are incorporating short videos into their marketing strategy.

1. Influencers

66% of marketers’ companies work with influencers on TikTok and also rank influencer marketing as #5 in ROI.

Though this trend started as a B2C move, we’re starting to see more B2B companies take up an influencer strategy.


Here, Adobe partners with creator, Teja Shullur.

Teja’s TikTok content teaches 592.8k creators how to earn money online.

  • He creates videos for Adobe to publish on their profile

  • He creates some videos using Adobe products, tags Adobe and publishes these on his profile

Influencers are known to build trust quicker because their content feels less corporate, more personal.

Check out an example here.

2. Product Teasers

Launching a new product or service soon?

Many are using short-form videos to tease up and/or launch a product.

Dropping hints along the way prior to launch adds suspense and keeps their viewers watching for more.


Believe it or not, Nutter Butter has quite the TikTok following.

In product tease fashion, here’s a sneak peek of their gluten-free option - resulting in 3.9M views and 626.4K likes.

Check it out here.

P.S. When you question whether or not you can grow an audience here, just remember a peanut butter cookie has 375.5K followers.

3. Behind-the-Scenes

Companies documenting their day-to-day add a little heartbeat to their brand.

It feels genuine and invites the viewer into their story.


Well, if the time comes to it- I’ve found the perfect senior living center for my parents.

StoryPoint Senior Living.

They have a few videos that have gone viral, but this one sold me.

Check it out here.

4. User-Generated Content

Customers perceive User-Generated Content as 2.4x more authentic than branded content.

When someone you follow or admire is using a particular product/service, you're more apt to lean in.


Thrive Market doesn’t have a TikTok profile.

But they do leverage UGC creators and TikTok ads.

Swiping through the feed, it takes a minute to realize this video is an ad.

Check it out here.

5. Explainer & Educational Content

Many prefer to learn visually and look to accelerate the learning process through bite-sized content that gets straight to the point.


Meet Miss Excel.

She’s grown a following of 892.2K followers all from making boring Excel FUN.

Here’s an example of her Excelifying web pages in seconds.

Check it out here.


TL;DR + a few takeaways:

5 ways brands are incorporating short-form, vertical video in their marketing strategy:

  1. Influencer

  2. Product Teasers

  3. Behind-the-Scenes

  4. User-Generated Content

  5. Educational & Explainer Content

Consumers give their attention to content that feels:

  • Less corporate. More personal.

  • Less boring. More entertaining.

  • Less polished. More authentic.

  • Less “salesy.” More insightful.

If you’re already implementing video in your business, are considering a video strategy in 2023, I hope the ideas above sparked some inspiration.

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