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AM #012: Quarterly Marketing Plan Review

Your 90-day marketing plan check-up starts here.

And within the last 90 days, a lot has happened.

You've likely gathered some insight along the way to help you assess what's working and what's not.

And you've also probably identified new tactics or trends worth experimenting with - as marketing has a reputation for evolving FAST!

So today I'm sharing a brief 4-step process you can use with your team to assess quarterly marketing plan performance and adjust where necessary for the quarter ahead.

Here we go:

1. Review your goals

Whether you set quarterly goals or annual goals, it's always good practice to track your performance towards those goals.

Are you on track? Off track?

If you're off track, identify the reasons why.

  • Lack of clarity?

  • Poor execution?

  • Unrealistic goals?

  • Lack of resources?

  • Ineffective measurement?

  • Changing market conditions?

Use this as an opportunity to reassess your goals for the coming quarter, and make any tweaks or adjustments to your goals if needed.

2. Review your data

Within the last 90 days, I'm sure you've gathered all kinds of data.

But for the purpose of this meeting, identify the top 3-5 relevant metrics to gauge how well your marketing plan performed.

These metrics may include:

  • Revenue

  • Referrals

  • Retention

  • Conversion Rate

  • Return on Investment

  • Customer Lifetime Value

  • Customer Acquisition Cost

Metrics like click rates, open rates, and # of followers may be important at the tactical level, but your quarterly meeting should be focused on the high-level numbers that are moving the needle for your business.

3. Evaluate your strategy & tactics

After reviewing your goals and data, you should have enough information to help determine how well your tactics are performing.

I always recommend going through each tactic and identifying whether it was effective or ineffective in helping achieve your goals.

Now, you may have a few tactics that play the long game. In this instance, a 90-day review should simply indicate enough positive signals to help you determine whether or not you continue with this tactic.

→ Cut out the tactics you're wasting time & money on.

→ Replace the old tactics with new tactics (experimentation)

4. Make & implement changes to your plan

Based on your analysis (goals, data, tactics) make the necessary changes and put your revised plan into action.

→ Make sure your team is on board with the changes

→ Recast a timeline for implementation

→ Track progress weekly

And you're off to the races for the next quarter.

Wishing you an amazing quarter ahead.

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