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AM #010: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile to Drive Connections and Growth

Updated: Mar 22

Two years ago I launched my marketing business and decided to go all in on LinkedIn.

By all in, I mean I committed to spending at least 30-min every day:

→ Connecting, engaging, and learning from others on the platform

→ Creating, writing, and posting consistently

I've pulled back a bit during Lent, but continue to reap the benefits of an expanded network and incredible opportunities showing up in the DMs.

And I'll note:

- I don't have a ton of followers (5.5k)

- My posts don't go viral

- I'm not a top creator on the platform

- I haven't mastered the "game"

Yet still, LinkedIn powers my business.

Often, people ask for advice on how to use LinkedIn to build their network & drive new business.

So this week and next, I'll be sharing a few LinkedIn tips I've learned along the way.

Today, we'll focus on optimizing your LinkedIn profile to serve as your 24/7 salesperson for your business.

1. Your Headshot:

Believe it or not, headshots are a first-glance trust builder.

LinkedIn tells us that profiles with a headshot receive 21x more profile views.

While you'll find thousands of tips out there on what your headshot should "look" like - to me, it's all about keeping your headshot on-brand with your personality.

And, science tells us this:

  • Keep it clear

  • Keep it clean

  • Keep it well-lit

  • Keep it high-quality

2. Your Tagline:

That brief line of text that follows your name is PRIME REAL ESTATE.

It shows up next to your name every time you post and comment - and if written well, it lets people know EXACTLY what you do and how you can help them.

Here's a formula recommended by Cultivated Culture:

[Job Title] | [Skill I], [Skill 2] | I Help [Company Type] [Insert Unique Value Prop]


Marketing Strategist | Branding, Marketing, Strategy | I Help Small Businesses Grow and Scale Through Marketing

3. Your Banner Image:

Your banner image is one of the first things your viewers see when they land on your profile.

Stock landscape photos of mountains, beaches, and sunrises are nice and all, but they don't give us insight into who you are and what you're about.

Take advantage of this space to either:

→ Demonstrate your credibility in your industry

→ Drive viewers to take a specific action

Here's a good example from B2B content strategist, Sara Stella Lattanzio .

P.S. You can make your banner image quickly in Canva - 2000px x 600px

4. Your Featured Section:

So many people miss the boat on the featured section.

What used to be a spot to pin top-performing posts, now gives you the option to post links and call your viewers to take a specific action (schedule a call, book a meeting, subscribe to our newsletter, etc.)

Here is a great example of how Austin Belcak (1.4M followers) uses his featured section:

Ok, that's a lot for today. 🙂

Next week, we're talking about creating content and building a presence on LinkedIn, growing your network, and creating opportunities for your business. (Find this post here)

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