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Creating a Newsletter Strategy for Your Small Business

Welcome to newsletter #31.

A journey I started seven months ago, holiday fervor in the air.

Just days before Christmas - a resolution took form:

To launch a newsletter strategy for 2023.

A goal I slept on for far too long.

Despite pouring my heart into LinkedIn posts, I craved more depth and more connection.

I wanted something more substantial, enduring.

A move from rented spaces of social media to a permanent, owned land of email.

And so, I took the plunge.

Underneath, fear lingered:

The fear of giving up. The fear of losing consistency. The fear of quitting.

Why? Mostly, time.

Time was my nemesis. Elusive, fleeting.

Like you, I had a never-ending list.

The newsletter, relegated to the dusty corners of tomorrow.

Until finally, I committed to making it happen.

There I was, snug in my cozy armchair.

Faux pine scent in the air, courtesy a three-wick candle from Target.

Story detour: Why the faux pine? One Christmas, a real tree brought with it an invasion of praying mantis babies. We've since stuck to trees that don't hatch surprises. lol Ok. Let’s get back to the story…

As Santa Claus 2 played in the background, my kids’ laughter accompanying the movie, a cup of peppermint coffee in hand, I opened my laptop, and AM #001 took shape.

Fast-forward to today…

31 newsletters in, here’s what’s unfolded since:

My contact list? Quintupled+. Mostly via word-of-mouth

An average open rate of 67.59%. Thanks to you, engaged readers!

A door to new branding and marketing opportunities.

Time-consuming? Yes. Rewarding? Absolutely.

Beyond the stats, it’s:

  • Sharpened my writing

  • Honed my perspective

  • Fine-tuned my tone of voice

  • Enhanced my listening skills

  • Evolved my storytelling

  • Built connections with new entrepreneurs

I share this not for reflection, but as an invitation.

I interact with small business owners daily, many eager to leverage email more effectively, yet echo similar fears.

If you’re wrestling with starting a newsletter, you’re not alone.

Digital landscapes shift.

Algorithms fluctuate.

Visibility varies.

But one digital asset remains yours - your email list.

It’s your community.

They’ve opted in, invited you into their inbox.

Here are the steps I took to get started:

  1. Define your writing focus

  2. Pinpoint your target audience

  3. Brainstorm your key topics and subtopics

  4. Create an email template and outline

  5. Set a distribution schedule

  6. Establish a writing routine

  7. Select an email marketing platform (I use ConvertKit)

  8. Repurpose and let your content live anew

Your story, waiting to be shared.

Your audience, eager to connect.

And your digital stage is ready.

Consider this your curtain call.

The world (me, especially!) awaits your words!

Hope to see ya in my inbox,


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