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New Content Strategy Playbook (with AI Prompts)

Updated: Jul 31

Today we’re going on a content adventure.

But let’s recap first.

Last week I found myself in a fiery debate (with myself) on this:

“Human or AI - Who’s at the helm?”

And “we” settled this debate (or perhaps I shared my strong opinion 🙂), declaring that humans, in all their beautifully chaotic creativity, steer the ship.

And AI, with its razor-sharp precision, is a powerful tool in our arsenal - offering us data and insights to help us more swiftly navigate the vast, unpredictable sea of marketing.

Miss the article? Catch up with the full article here.

Now onto our next adventure: the enthralling intersection of Content Strategy + AI.

Here’s the thing:

Content strategy, on its own, can be a beast of a project. Especially for our small business owners, solopreneurs, and solomarketer powerhouses wearing all the hats.

Early in my marketing career, I was intimidated by this.

The blank page and I had some intense stare-offs.

I was that artist - brimming with endless ideas but no sketch to guide my strokes.

Call it creative freedom or creative chaos. Either way, the corporate marketing world was craving some order from my tempest of thoughts.

It wasn’t long before I realized I needed to reign it in with a system.

A system that could harness the wild seas of inspiration into a focused strategy.

Not to leash my creativity, but to channel it towards purpose & direction.

This content system has been my north star for years, and recently, it’s received a tech upgrade - AI.

Today, I’m eager to share my content strategy system with you.

And no, it’s not penning the content for you. My opinion: AI isn’t ready to be your content creator.

Instead, think of AI as your silent partner, helping you draft a content plan for your business.

It’s not creating, but rather helping lay the groundwork - ensuring your creative outputs have a strong, strategic foundation.


[cue the fanfare]

Introducing… 🥁🥁

The Content Strategy Playbook

Grab it here. Duplicate it in Notion. Make it your own.

Imagine it as your guide through the dense, complex jungle of content strategy.

It comes equipped with solutions to challenges I’m sure you’re all to familiar with:

  1. The blank stare at your screen, the blinking cursor, and the world of content creation heavy on your shoulders.

  2. The wish for content that rhythmically syncs up with your business goals.

  3. The hunt for a method to simplify content creation, consistency, and distribution.

The Content Strategy Playbook is packed with processes, AI prompts, and templates including:

  1. A Step-by-Step Strategy Guide: A simple, easy-to-follow process to develop a solid content strategy. No fluff, just actionable steps.

  2. The Cliff Notes: Each step illuminated, revealing its role in your grand content strategy.

  3. AI Prompts: Harness the power of ChatGPT to delve deeper into each piece of your content strategy puzzle.

  4. Ready-to-use Templates: Tools at your disposal to document your strategy, keeping you accountable to your content creation and distribution system.

And best of all, The Content Strategy Playbook is built in Notion (nothing fancy, BTW), making it intuitive and ready to use for your content strategy journey.

If you decide to take this for a spin, I’m all ears for your feedback.

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