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Master Storytelling in Your Marketing

Alright, I have a little confession to make.

I’ve championed the power of STORYTELLING in your marketing again and again.

Yet, peek into my office (or the ever-growing mountain of books on and under my nightstand), and you’d be greeted with a plethora of non-fiction.

Books. Essays. Lectures. Whitepapers. Case Studies.

Anything BUT story.

And a revelation hit me earlier this year:

Something was missing from my branding & marketing work.

Informative? Check.

But where was the soul?

Drowning amidst:

  • Stats.

  • Processes.

  • Pie Charts.

  • Strategies.

  • SWOTs.

  • Tactics.

  • KPIs.

I longed for more DEPTH.

The kind of immersion you experience when a gripping tale ends, and you’re left in a whirlwind of emotions and reflections.

So, I ventured into the fiction section of the library.

Picking up a fiction book (perhaps my first since “The Great Gatsby” in high school), I quickly found myself nose-deep, transported into a new world.

That was my 💡 moment.

Non-fiction had given me the tools.

  • The how-to.

  • The system.

  • The checklist.

  • The framework.

  • The step-by-step.

But fiction? Fiction ignited a spark.

Fiction helped me learn from the master storytellers.

The poets.

The novelists.

The screenwriters.

Today, fiction is more than just an escape; it's a masterclass in writing and storytelling.

Over the past six months, I've incorporated more stories into my work.

The outcome? An uptick in:

→ LinkedIn engagements

→ Newsletter subscribers

→ Speaking engagements

→ New business opportunities

But here’s what I’ve enjoyed most:

People respond more, and now share their stories with me.

So, why the emphasis on story?

Brands with Stories Unite: Beyond product specs lies the allure of human connection, the narratives of struggles, successes, and shared journeys.

Emotion Drives Decision: Decision-making: emotional first, logical second. Engaging narratives are the bridges to emotional connectivity, paving the way for trust, loyalty, and growth.

Stories Simplify: Our brains love a good story. We’ve evolved that way. Present your message through narrative, and it turns more digestible and memorable.

Long story short (pun intended):

While facts and figures lay the foundation, it's storytelling that breathes life into it.

And as the data suggests, consumers want genuine, raw connections with brands.

So, if your brand's narrative feels flat (like mine did!) or your marketing seems impersonal, consider the steps I took to infuse more story into your work:

Deep Dive into Fiction: Revisit a novel. Binge on a popular Netflix series. Grasp the narrative structure. Appreciate the character dynamics. Unpack the plot developments.

Understand Story Mechanics: I’d recommend “The Anatomy of Story” by John Truby or “Building a Storybrand” by Donald Miller. Non-fiction, but it provides insights into building compelling narratives.

Create, Apply & Experiment: Bank story ideas and fuse story techniques into your brand’s voice. Test, tweak, and iterate.

At the heart of every brand, lies a narrative craving to be told.

Ready to author your brand’s story?

The stage is set; the spotlight’s on you.

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