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AM #016: Marketing Tactics for Each Stage of Your Customers' Decision-Making Journey

One of the most common questions I get is:

→ What are the top marketing tactics today?

I don't have a perfect answer for that.

As small business owners and marketers, we all want to avoid pouring time and money into marketing that doesn't "work."

By "what works," most mean tactics that directly generate revenue.

But here's the thing: when playing the long game, not every marketing tactic should be tied directly to revenue.

Instead, many tactics are meant to guide your customers on a path toward the trigger point for revenue.

That's where understanding Eugene Schwartz's 5 stages of awareness (and aligning marketing messaging & tactics to each) comes into play:

  1. Unaware

  2. Problem-Aware

  3. Solution-Aware

  4. Product-Aware

  5. Most-Aware

To guide your ideal buyer towards a purchase, let's break down these 5 stages and explore marketing/copywriting tactics within each stage:

Stage 1 / Unaware: Your ideal buyer isn't even aware they have a problem yet ​ ​Marketing tactics: - Social media posts - Influencer marketing - PR & media outreach - Educational content (articles, podcasts, video, etc.)

Stage 2 / Problem-Aware: Your ideal buyer recognizes they have a problem but lacks a solution ​ ​Marketing tactics: - Email marketing & newsletters - Live in-person or virtual events - Targeted ads to those facing the problem - SEO optimization for problem-related search queries

Stage 3 / Solution-Aware Your ideal buyer knows solutions exist but hasn't honed in on your brand ​ ​Marketing tactics: - Testimonials and reviews from customers - Free trials, demos, and samples showing your solution - Retargeting ads to re-engage those who've shown interest - Comparison content showing your product/solution against others

Stage 4 / Product-Aware Your ideal buyer is familiar with your product/service, but needs more convincing ​ ​Marketing tactics: - 1:1 Consultation - Website & landing pages - Promotions or limited offers - Case studies & customer success stories - More detailed product info (guides, tutorial videos, FAQs)

Stage 5 / Most Aware Your ideal buyer is close to deciding but might need that final push ​ ​Marketing tactics:​ - Strategic Call-to-actions - Loyalty & referral programs - Upsell / cross-sell campaigns - Re-engagement ads and campaigns - Exclusive content, groups, and events __

Tailoring your marketing and content initiatives for each stage will help:

→ Guide your customers through their decision-making journey → Address specific concerns, objections, and needs along the way → Nurture & build trust with your ideal customer → Establish loyal customer relationships and a higher chance of conversion

So instead of chasing a one-size-fits-all marketing solution, consider embracing the customer journey and aligning your strategies with the 5 stages of customer awareness.

That's all for today. :)


P.S. I added this breakdown to my Content Studio in Notion - which you can find here. Feel free to duplicate this, and use it for reference as you tackle your next marketing project.


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