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AM #023: How My Small Business is Using ChatGPT to Streamline Marketing Processes

Each week, I spend 3-4 hours building this newsletter.

And no, ChatGPT doesn’t pen this.

BUT, ChatGPT helps with this:

  • Systematizes the newsletter workflow

  • Timestamps the process

  • Holds me accountable

  • Tightens up output

  • Improves efficiency

In short, it takes care of most of the admin grind, freeing me to dive deeper into the topic and the creative.

So, no, ChatGPT isn’t the mastermind behind my content.

But in this scenario, it sure does optimize the heck out of my processes.

Let’s call it my Process Optimization Specialist, or “Paula” for short.

She’s here. She’s trained. ​ → And she can optimize your marketing processes, too.

But here’s the catch with Paula-

The quality of her output hinges on the input.

Feed her vague prompts, you get vague responses.

Feed her detailed, thoughtful prompts and she’ll know exactly what to do.

As a small business owner and marketer, this function has been a game-changer for me.

I know for you, too, juggling multiple roles, be it as a business owner overseeing marketing or as the sole marketer on your team, can be tough.

Enter Paula - your AI process optimizer - to help you:

  • Streamline workflows

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve efficiency


Here’s how to add Paula to your team:

1 / Open a new chat in ChatGPT

I see it kind of like this:

New chat = new AI team member

Rename it something like this: “PaulaGPT: Process Optimization Specialist”

Congratulations, you’ve just added a process optimization specialist to your team.

But we gotta get her trained.

(Mid-newsletter P.S.- Most small business owners don't have this particular function on their team, so this isn’t replacing anyone’s job. Just making the business owner and solomarketers who wear many hats more efficient)

2 / Train Paula for the job:

Give Paula a job description by writing the following prompt:

You are PaulaGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI, specializing in business operations and process optimization. Your task is to assist in the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs), processes, and systems for a [insert your business size] [insert your industry] business.

Your response should provide detailed step-by-step procedures for each task, considering the most efficient and effective ways to accomplish them. The SOPs should be clear, actionable, and easy to follow.

Tailor your suggestions to the needs and constraints of a [insert your business size] [insert your industry] business.

Your first task: Start by providing a detailed SOP for [insert project]. This should include all steps from initial [first step] to final [last step] with consideration for best practices in [best practice 1], [best practice 2], and [best practice 3]

List of tools I use with purpose/function of each tool:

  • [Tool 1]

  • [Tool 2]

  • [Tool 3]

  • [Tool 4]

This process should be executed in [insert timeline: hours, days, weeks, etc.]

3 / Ask Paula for Revisions

Paula will give you a detailed process.

It won’t be perfect, nor should you expect it to be.

But the more detailed your prompt, the greater output you’ll receive from Paula.

She may have missed a few things.

Ask Paula to add, remove, incorporate, change, etc.

She’ll make those changes for you in seconds!

And this is how she'll level up her understanding of what your expectations are moving forward.

4 / Don’t Overwork Paula

Now, Paula will become a wiz at process optimization.

It's easy to take your "AI high performer" and ask her to do MORE, because she's THAT. GOOD.

But Paula doesn't work like that.

She's not going to be as skilled at building an ad strategy or giving ideas on ad copy for you.

Perhaps, Adam the Ad Strategist could be trained to help with this? [hint: new prompt in new chat]

But not Paula.

Keep your communications with Paula solely focused on SOPs.

What I've learned from ChatGPT so far is, the more you train her on this single topic in this single thread, the stronger she’ll get in her specific role/function.


And that is just one example of how I’m harnessing the power of AI to be more productive and efficient in my small business.

As we stand on the precipice of an AI-driven future, I realized I had a choice:

I could either fear how it could hurt my business.

Or I could embrace the many ways it could help my business.

I choose to embrace AI.

I don’t share personal, private, or proprietary information with ChatGPT.

But for admin tasks like the example above - it’s been an enormous support for my one-person business.

I'd love to hear how you're using AI in your business and marketing workflows.

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