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Writing Emotion-Driven Content that Makes People Feel

It took me nearly 8 years in marketing to learn what Dan Go’s content taught me in 6 seconds.

Today we’re talking about the power of emotional triggers in your copywriting.

Triggers that could totally change how your audience engages with YOU.

But first, a story:

This morning - my kids were all up by 6:15 AM.

I was wrapping up this newsletter, when suddenly -

Kid 1: “Mom, did you wash my plaid skirt for school?”

Kid 2: “Mom, I need you to sign my paper for my AR test.”

Kid 3: “Mom, I don’t want waffles for breakfast again…”

Kid 4: “I phone?” [Yes, she’s 2, looking for her Minnie Mouse phone]

The (old) goal: To squeeze in a workout at 6:30 AM at least 4x per week.

The outcome: Not happening…most days now.

While this schedule worked in the summer -

I started to regard the gym as a “selfish me-time.”

One I’m lucky to fit in every now and then.

That is, until I came across Dan Go’s content on exercise, fitness, and healthy eating.

His content = an emotional trigger designed to transform.

Dan Go Emotion-Driven Content

And it hit me.

By sidelining my health as “selfish me-time,” I was neglecting the one person who helped keep this operation moving.


He totally shifted my mindset on fitness.

And here I am… at 9:32 AM.

Scheduling this email to drop precisely at 9:40 AM.

Lacing up my tennis shoes.

Grabbing a handful of blueberries.

And then hopping on the treadmill.

But this isn’t about sharing my exercise routine.

This is about the weight words can carry - the power they hold to not only touch the heart but compel action and even transform lives!

Creating Emotion-Driven Content

Dan Go’s strategy is simple but impactful:

He masterfully taps into the emotions of his readers’ reality.

It’s not about gym tips or healthy eating.

It’s about making your audience feel something so intensely, they’re moved to act.

It’s about infusing emotion-based content into our marketing.

Here’s a few ideas to start:

  1. Tell a Story: Just like the one about Dan Go and me. Weave narratives that your audience can relate to. Stories are psychologically primed to pull us in and make us feel.

  2. Use Power Words: Words like “Instant,” “Breakthrough,” and “Secret,” can spark intrigue, curiosity, or urgency. Choose words that resonate emotionally with your target market.

  3. Leverage Social Proof: Testimonials and reviews can build trust and credibility. But go beyond simple praise - share experiences that hit home on the emotional side of business.

  4. Focus on Benefits over Features: Don't just describe what your product or service does, convey how it makes people feel - the happiness, security, excitement, etc. that it provides.

  5. Appeal to Identity & Aspirations: Reflect your target audience's values, desires, and sense of identity. Create messaging that resonates with who they are or who they want to be.

  6. Emphasize Shared Experiences: Use language and references that tap into experiences your audience can relate to on an emotional level. This creates a sense of community and bonding.

Words have the power to change minds, habits, and even lives.

But first, you have to make your readers feel and then act.

That’s what Dan Go does for me.

Emotion-driven content.

His content activated a lifestyle change.

And for the right reader, yours can, too.

Until next time, make your words not just count, but trigger action.

And please…will somebody just bring me to tears already?? 😉

See ya next week, friends.


P.S. Follow Dan Go's content here.

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