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AM #011: Creating Real Business Opportunities on LinkedIn

Updated: Mar 22

In our last post, we talked about optimizing your LinkedIn profile.

Today, we're talking about building your presence and driving real opportunities for your brand and business.

Your profile sets the foundation.

But your active and consistent presence on LinkedIn is what triggers opportunity.

It drives people to your profile to then take action. (Follow, Connect, DM, Book a Meeting, etc.)

An active, consistent presence on LinkedIn means:

→ Making genuine connections with others

→ Engaging with others' content

→ Posting your own content

→ Responding to all comments

I'm not one to get too caught up in the "algorithm" - but you do have to know (and stay up on) the basics to play the game.

The game is rigged, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't play. Learn the rules, network like hell, and make moves. - Justin Welsh

I'll be the first to admit, I still haven't figured out all the "rules" and they're constantly shifting on LinkedIn, but here are a few tips that I've found to work so far:

1. Make genuine connections

LinkedIn is not Field of Dreams. If you build it (a profile), they still won't come.

Reach out and make connections with those you genuinely want in your network.

Pair your connection request with a thoughtful, hyper-personalized (and brief) DM.

You get one shot for your request to be accepted. It's worth investing an extra minute or two to increase your chances.

2. Engage with others' content

Engage by liking or commenting on other relevant posts.

And when you comment, put a little thought into it.

Instead of saying, "great share!" "love it!" - acknowledge the value of their post, and consider sharing your perspective or point of view.

Thoughtful comments build deeper relationships with your network (and *bonus* also get you exposure to their network, too!)

*Algorithm Tip: Engaging and commenting on others' posts tells LinkedIn you're active on the platform and adds a little exposure boost to your posts.

3. Create & post your own content

Contribute to the platform.

A lot of people I talk to say they're willing to post, but they don't know "what" to post.

To start, I always recommend 3 types of posts:

  • Career updates or highlights

  • Building in public (day in the life / behind-the-scenes)

  • Educational tips for your target market

Rotate through these three pillars and there's your 3x per week posting strategy.

*Algorithm hack: Staying present and active on the platform after your post goes live (commenting, engaging on other posts, etc.) fuels your post and helps it perform better

4. Respond to every comment

I always aim to respond to every comment on my posts.

Again, I don't have a massive following - so this is manageable for me.

There is so much to learn from the comments - real-time feedback, additional perspectives and points of view, etc.

Responding to their comments is a sign of appreciation and respect - and also helps strengthen the relationships within your LinkedIn network.

*Algorithm hack: Responding immediately to comments after your post goes live also helps your post perform better

And we made it through LinkedIn Part II.

A little recap for creating opportunities on LinkedIn:

  • Make genuine connections

  • Engage with others' content

  • Create and post consistently

  • Respond to every comment

Post a few times per week consistently and leverage the strategy above, and you will be your well on your way to driving real business opportunities.

See ya on the feed! ✌️

P.S. Are we connected?

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