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An AI Prompt to Boost Website Conversions

Just a few weeks back, I found myself immersed in a fiery convo, ideas bouncing around with a group of ambitious small business owners.

Our mission?

To crack the code on AI and marketing.

To explore ways AI can help propel our businesses forward.

In the middle of our brainstorming, a hand shot up.

The room paused.

Eyes edged with curiosity, he threw his question into the ring:

“Okay, so, are we saying we should just let AI write all our blog content? Flood our site with content to drive more traffic?”

Boom. There it was.

The million-dollar question.

We stood at a crossroads.

One path lay the relentless pursuit of “more” - more content, more visitors, more everything.

But is “more” really the need?

Time for a shift in perspective.

Let’s not just ask how we can grab “more.”

Instead, let’s get a little more strategic with the traffic we have.

How can we use AI to move the current traffic down the funnel?

How can we drive more conversions on our website?

A Strategic Shift with AI

That question was our gateway to a new way of thinking about AI.

We peeled back the layers, exploring how AI could be our marketing-assist not just in content creation, but in marketing, copywriting, and design.

We walked through a live example right then and there.

And it immediately 10x’d the value of AI in the room.

Here’s the play-by-play with an AI prompt to boost website conversions:

1 / Capture your website 📸

Take screenshots of your highest-traffic pages - typically the homepage and the blog pages.

2 / Prompt AI

Open up a new chat in ChatGPT-4.

Attach your screenshot and copy-paste this detailed prompt below:

*Please act as an expert marketing, copywriting, and design consultant to help optimize my website for better performance and higher conversion rates. I have attached a screenshot of my current website layout, content, and design elements.

— See full AI prompt here

3 / Implement the Change

Sift through AI’s suggestions.

Understand the “why” behind each one, and cherry-pick the changes that align with your brand goals and identity.

Implement these changes and watch as your website transforms from a space of passive browsing to active engagement and conversions.


I share this story because most still perceive AI predominantly as a content creation tool.

But its capabilities stretch far beyond just churning out blog posts.

The landscape of AI is vast and versatile, offering massive opportunities to elevate your business.

In this particular example above, we’ve transformed AI into an expert consultant, tapping into its expert-level knowledge in copywriting, marketing, and design.

We’ve moved past the conventional use case of AI, utilizing it not just to create content but to meticulously analyze, suggest, and enhance our digital presence.

So, give this a shot.

Explore the potential of AI, and watch as it becomes a pivotal marketing ally in your journey to level up your business and redefine the boundaries of what’s possible.

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