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AM #028: Golden Hours: The Key to Unlocking Your Creative Genius

Picture this:

It’s 4 AM.

The world is sleeping.

An enchanting stillness hangs in the air.

But my alarm clock, defiant as ever, breaks the silence.

Begging for my attention.

Dragging me from the sanctuary of sleep to the quietude of the early morning.

The resistance…

My body craves those extra few minutes of sleep.

"Just a couple more laps in the dream world, please!"

But the hushed whispers of creativity echo louder.

The desire? A peaceful, creative start to the day.

A moment to dive into the ocean of my thoughts, undisturbed.

An opportunity to sit at my desk...

Fingers dancing over the keys...

Catching the waves of inspiration...

Untroubled by the pings of life’s demands...

The backdrop?

A world still tucked away in silence.

My kids, nestled in their sweet dreams.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee snaking through a quiet house.

And me. Just me, fresh coffee, and the inviting glow of my laptop.

No pings.

No endless emails.

No family text threads.

No distractions.

Just deep, focused work.

Golden Hours
Golden Hours

The Golden Hours

This quiet headstart.

This dedicated space has given me a mental edge in my brand and my business.

And it’s a trick I want to let you in on.

Finding my golden hours has been a game-changer.

Even though I still grapple with the alarm clock’s rebellious call most mornings, I’m a frequent 4-AM-er.


Because this is my time to create.

When inspiration flows freely and the world’s noise can’t reach me.

My thoughts become more lucid.

My processes, more efficient.

My output, more dynamic.

This is the space where I can tap into the hidden well of creativity that lies buried under the daily grind.

This is my time to ideate.

To write.

To create.

To ship the work.


I share this because, as small business owners and marketers - creativity is our fuel.

It propels our ideas, our innovations, and our triumphs.

Yet, if we’re not setting aside time and space to breathe life into these ideas, we’re missing out on tapping into our full creative potential.

We risk sidelining our most brilliant ideas.

Our most transformative opportunities.

Golden Hours = the key to unearthing creative ideas and bringing them to life.

Now, it’s not about waking up at 4 AM.

It’s about finding YOUR Golden Hours.

Staking your claim on a part of the day, or week, unsullied by distractions, and consistently dedicating it to deep, focused work.

To immerse yourself in the depths of your creative process.

And to guard this time fiercely.

So, should you choose to join me, here’s your mission:

Find your Golden Hours

Block them on your calendar

Guard them with discipline

The truth is, we often underestimate the power of flexing our creative muscles.

But just like a seasoned runner training every day, mile after mile, showing up consistently with intent and focus can transform our creative endeavors and eventually, our businesses.

The TL;DR:

Find, protect, and stay disciplined with your Golden Hours.

They're the catalyst that can transform your business.

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