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AM #017: Dove's Power Move on Real Beauty and Building Brand Legacy

Updated: Apr 27

Earlier this week, I found myself in tears over Dove's "Cost of Beauty" commercial.

If you missed it, grab your tissues and watch it here. ⬇

A true story about a young woman who almost lost her life to an eating disorder after falling victim to the societal pressures surrounding body image.

I was glued to it:

  • The story

  • The music

  • The emotion

  • The meaning

  • The message

As a mom, I felt the trauma cloud my heart.

I can’t imagine anything worse than watching your child go through such hardship.


So what does this have to do with marketing?


  • Brand story

  • Brand values

  • Brand strategy

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand messaging

  • Brand awareness

  • Brand / value alignment

It aligns with Simon Sinek’s philosophy of starting with your WHY.

When you start with WHY, those who believe what you believe are drawn to you for very personal reasons. It is those who share your values & beliefs, not the quality of your products, that will cause the system to tip. - Simon Sinek

Most companies focus on the “what” (products/services) and the “how” (benefits and features)

But purpose-driven brands build from the foundation of “why”.

They communicate their core beliefs, values, and purpose first.

They build brand legacy.

Dove has been on this mission for decades.

They’re not just here to make soap.

They’re here to make "real, authentic beauty a source of confidence."

They're here to "help our kids build positive body confidence and self-esteem."

From strategic partnerships to a push for legislation to protect our kids' mental health-

We see Dove taking serious action towards this cause.

It feels genuine. It feels authentic. It feels purpose-driven.

And it draws me (a mom of 4 kids buying soap all. the. time) closer to their brand.

I hate to even call it a tactic here, but if we put a “marketing name” to this - we’d refer to it as Brand Purpose or “cause-driven marketing”

Just like the example above, cause-driven marketing has the power to:

  • Build a deeper connection with your consumers

  • Elevate your brand’s reputation

  • Create a loyal customer base that shares similar values

Here are a few simple steps to get you headed in this direction:

1. Identify your WHY

What is your core purpose? What are the values that drive your brand? How can your brand contribute to creating a better world? Your “WHY” should be the central point and foundation of your cause.

2. Choose a relevant cause

3. Develop a strategic plan

4. Engage your team

5. Share your story


As brand leaders and brand builders - We have a golden opportunity to raise greater awareness for a cause we care deeply about.

And in doing so, we can rally those who share similar values (employees, partners, customers, community)

Often referred to as "cause-driven marketing" - it's not meant to be treated as a tactic or a ploy to drive more business.

Rather, a genuine commitment to making a positive impact on the world around us.

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