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6 Tactics to Increase Email Opens & Click-Through Rates

“Can we talk? My newsletter is in rough shape.”

When the ping came in from a friend, I knew this wasn’t just another check-in.

We hopped on Zoom, and the instant I heard her voice, I could feel it - the weight of her words, the wear on her face.

She’s a small business owner, a financial advisor by trade where numbers speak louder than words.

And her newsletter metrics were pretty much whispering “failure.”

→ Low opens. → High unsubscribes. → Zero clicks.

“Is it even worth it anymore?” she asked.

Her voice soaked in defeat.

I didn’t have an immediate answer.

Instead, I asked her to pull up her recent newsletter.

We put the newsletter on the operating table and got to work.

Here are a few changes we made:

1 - Subject Line:

We ditched “Weekly Financial Update” for something that would evoke a little more curiosity:

“Why Your Portfolio is Tanking and How to Revive It.”

2 - Preview Text:

We turned “click to read more” into “Here’s how we’re turning the tables on the market…”

Giving readers a sneak peek as to what they can expect inside, and again - evoking a little intrigue.

3 - Opening Line: The Hook

Instead of jumping right into the intro, we added a “hook” to the first sentence.

This can be a question, a bold statement, or a counter-intuitive fact.

Anything relevant to the newsletter that can engage the imagination and intellect and keep them reading.

4 - The Intro:

We replaced jargon with a relatable story - how she turned a client’s sinking portfolio into a profitable one in just six months by applying sound principles, personalized strategies, and timely adjustments.

In the absence of a relevant story, bitesize research or stats can work here, too.

5 - Actionable Insights:

Here she delivered on the promise she made in the subject line, preview text, hook, and intro with actionable financial strategies, a step-by-step guide on rebalancing portfolios, and tips on risk mitigation.

It was the sort of content you’d want to bookmark, maybe even pay for if it wasn’t free.

6 - Closing:

In the closing, she summed up the insights and gave a straightforward call to action.

“Have questions about your portfolio? Ready to stop worrying? Click here for a free consultation.”

Additional Tips:

  • Formatting: Think short sentences. Line breaks. Easy-to-ready text. The reader should breathe as easily as they scroll.

  • CTAs: Be crystal-clear with your calls to action. Leave no room for hesitation.

  • Visuals: Images aren’t just decor; they’re visual speed bumps to slow down scroll speed. Charts, Infographics, Images, or even a tasteful GIF can elevate your content.

After implementing these changes, her next newsletter saw a remarkable turnaround.

→ Stronger open rates

→ Zero unsubscribes

→ Booked consultations

This edition transformed casual readers into engaged ones, each click translating into genuine interest and action.

So, imagine this.

You’re about to hit ‘send,’ launching your newsletter into the chaotic battlefield that is the modern inbox, filled with promotions, social alerts, work emails, and spam.

How will your newsletter not only grab their attention but compel them to take action?

A high ask, but the ultimate aim.

See you next week!

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