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AM #003: 5 Copywriting Frameworks the Pros Use to Trigger Response

In this week's issue, I want to share a few of my favorite copywriting frameworks I keep on hand, and refer to daily when writing:

  • ads

  • emails

  • websites

  • headlines

  • subject lines

  • landing pages

  • social media captions

Different from content writing, when I'm writing copy - my goal is to guide or inspire my reader to take a specific action (sign-up, join, purchase, subscribe, visit, download, keep reading, etc.)

In studying the works of legendary copywriters - I learned that the best marketers use these frameworks over and over again in their messaging to trigger response.

While there are tons of copywriting frameworks, I'm going to share the 5 frameworks I find most helpful in accelerating my writing process, adding clear structure and focus to my writing, and driving greater conversion.

So, here we go...

1. PAS

Problem → Agitate → Solution

  • [P]roblem - State the reader's problem

  • [A]gitate - Make the problem more relatable

  • [S]olution - Show your reader the way out


PAS Copywriting Framework


Attention → Interest → Desire → Action

  • [A]ttention - Grab your reader's attention

  • [I]nterest - Pique your reader's interest

  • [D]esire - Create a desire for your product/service

  • [A]ction - Motivate your reader to take action


AIDA Copywriting Framework


Qualifies → Understands → Educates → Stimulates → Transition

  • [Q]ualifies - Prep your reader

  • [U]nderstands - Empathize with your reader

  • [E]ducate - Teach your reader a solution to their problem

  • [S]timulate - Sell your reader your solution

  • [T]ransition - Ask your reader to take action


QUEST Copywriting Framework

P.S. Yes, I tested ChatGPT on this one. Pretty generic, if you ask me, but you get the point. :)


Problem → Amplify → Story/Solution → Transformation → Offer → Response

  • [P]roblem - Identify the problem your reader is facing

  • [A]mplify - Highlight the consequences if they don't solve it

  • [S]tory - Tell a story on how others have solved it

  • [T]ransformation - Show what it looks like on the other side

  • [O]ffer - Present your offer

  • [R]esponse - Ask your reader to take action


PASTOR Copywriting Framework

5. BAB

Before → After → Bridge

  • [B]efore - Where you're at

  • [A]fter - Where you want to be at

  • [B]ridge - The solution to getting there


BAB Copywriting Framework


5 copywriting frameworks the pros use (again and again) to trigger response:

  1. PAS: Problem - Agitate - Solution

  2. AIDA: Attention - Interest - Desire - Action

  3. QUEST: Qualifies - Understands - Educates - Stimulates - Transition

  4. PASTOR: Problem - Amplify - Story - Transformation - Offer - Response

  5. BAB: Before - After - Bridge


Before we close out, a quick piece of advice from one of my favorite choreographers (and of course, applies to the creative writing process, too):

"Structure is not a "Godline". It is a guideline. - Rennie Harris

The frameworks above are meant to serve as guardrails or boundaries for your copy.

Acknowledge the structure, and allow the copywriting experience to be fluid and flexible within.

Happy writing!


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