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A Step-by-Step Course to Building a Complete
Marketing Plan

Take the guesswork out of marketing and build a precise roadmap to success

I get it. In the fast-paced world of marketing, it's all too easy to be swept up in the tide of trending tactics, constantly testing new platforms and chasing trends. Many marketers and business owners, myself included, have faced the challenges of a fragmented approach.

We've poured resources, time, and energy into endeavors, hoping for results, only to realize we're running without a clear direction.

It's not about the lack of effort or the desire to succeed; it's the missing cohesive plan that truly maps to our business goals.

I've been there, feeling that the passionate pursuits in marketing were becoming aimless wanderings. But I quickly learned, there's a better way, a path that leads to genuine, measurable marketing success.

From aimless tactic chasing to a clear path: Marketing Plan Academy is your bridge to measurable success.



In Marketing Plan Academy,
You Will:


Dive deep into the foundational elements critical for building

a winning

marketing strategy.

Master Core
Marketing Principles


Step-by-step, develop a full-year marketing plan that maps directly to your business goals and objectives.

Design a Complete
12-mo Marketing Plan


Implement a simple process that not only operates smoothly but also consistently measures progress toward success.

Establish an Efficient Marketing System

Hi, I'm Dani!

brand and marketing strategist for
small businesses

For nearly a decade, I've navigated the intricate maze of small business marketing. I've felt the pull of every new, glittering tactic and the frustration when they don't deliver. Like many, I chased after the 'next big thing,' believing it might be the golden ticket. But those hits were fleeting. It soon dawned on me: success is less about luck, and more about strategy.

I honed in and designed a thorough system for building marketing plans - plans that align strategically with business goals and set the stage for sustained success. This isn't theory; it's born from years of practical experience, creating plans for diverse businesses, and sharing this system in workshops and on stages.


To give more small businesses access, I've distilled this knowledge into a course. Here, I give you the complete system, tools and templates I use to build a 12-mo marketing plan for your business.

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azelie studio

What's Inside
Marketing Plan Academy?

MODULE 1: Marketing Foundations

Dive deep into the core principles of marketing, building a solid foundation with tools like persona profiles and

customer journey mapping, positioning and establishing your brand voice.

MODULE 2: Goal to Growth Blueprint

Set clear marketing goals and define measurable key results. This will determine your path to selecting the tactics that will put your plan into action.

MODULE 3: From Strategy to Action

Explore a diverse library of actionable marketing tactics and learn how to select and align them with your unique

key results.

MODULE 4: Marketing Operations

Operationalize your plan by integrating it into timelines, scorecards, and regular review processes to ensure smooth execution and measurable outcomes.

BONUS TRACK: AI Prompts to Level Up Your Marketing Plan

Leverage the power of AI to help refine and dial in your marketing plan with a set of marketing planning AI prompts.



Dial in your marketing planning with the power of AI. As a special addition to this course, we're introducing the AI Prompt Playbook. This tailored set of AI-driven marketing prompts is designed to help refine, sharpen, and optimize your marketing plan.



  • Building Your Customer Personas

  • Creating Your Customer Journey

  • Building Your Positioning Statement

  • Setting Clear and Measurable Marketing Goals

  • Identifying Tactics to Achieve Marketing Goals

  • Building Your Timeline for Implementation

  • Preparing Your Marketing Budget

Marketing Plan Academy

Marketing Plan

$397 $97

Marketing Plan Companion Workbook

Persona Profile Worksheet

Customer Journey Map Template

Competitor Analysis Grid

Positioning Statement Formula

Brand Voice Wheel

Goal to Growth Blueprint

Goals + Key Results Worksheet

Marketing Tactic Library

Strategy-to-Tactic Framework

Marketing Plan Template

Sample Marketing Planner

Weekly Agenda Template

Quarterly Agenda Template

KPI Dashboard Template

AI Marketing Planning Prompts


  • Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?
    You can have as many requests in the queue. However, we only work on one "active request" at a time. Once you approve the active project, we will move to your next request. So, while you may have unlimited requests, we focus on one active request at a time to ensure each gets the attention it deserves.
  • What does the "pause" feature mean?
    Let's say you do not have design needs every month; our pause feature lets you use the service when you need it. So, if you use the service for, say, 21 days and then hit pause, the next time you resume your subscription you will have 10 more service days.
  • How soon can I expect my project to be ready?
    You can expect most designs within 48 hours (Monday-Friday). We will maintain active communication with you through your brand board to set proper expectations on time - as some projects vary in delivery based on their scope.
  • Which design software do you use?
    Most designs are made in Adobe Illustrator or Canva. We often move final work to Canva so you have easy access to make simple changes in the future.
  • How do I place requests?
    Upon subscribing, you will receive your own personal cloud-based brand board. Inside your brand board, you will be able to request your copy or designs and include any design brief, attachments, Google Docs, Loom videos, etc. If it can be typed, linked, or attached, it can be added to your brand board. We will use your brand board for all back-and-forth requests, communication and feedback.
  • What if I don't like the design you return?
    We will listen to your feedback and continue to revise until your project is just right for you.
  • Are there any projects you do not do?
    Below are the following designs / requests we do not do: 3D Modeling / CAD Long-form writing (books, 50-page+ industry reports, etc.) PDF (Documents, Fillable Forms, Interactive, Etc.) Complex wraps for vehicles Complex packaging Large print publications E-Books over 5+ pages Complex photo editing HTML, CSS, UI/UX Programming, Developing, Coding Inappropriate requests that do not align with the morals/values of Azelie Studio. We will communicate immediately anything we feel is outside our guidelines.

Start Building Your

Marketing Plan Today! 

$397 $97

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